Wediko Children's Services

Wediko is a mental health agency that provides trauma-informed care through a strength-based lens. We provide services for students that involve mental health care through individual and also group counseling, which allows us to further examine  individual students within a group context. Our provided after-school programming through 21st Century, offers a wide variety of activities and instructional groups. Additionally, students have access to a work-based Learning to Work paid internship program, which provides students with hands-on learning experiences in various work-places, as well as learning via projects and assignments. Our goal is to provide students with a space in which they feel cared for and supported. Wediko bridges the gap between the students, their families, and the school, through constant outreach and support that goes beyond academics.
*UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: All programs including the Learning to Work Internship program, operate remotely due to Covid-19 restrictions.*
21st Century After-School Programs 
Girls Group  
Boys to Men 
Movie with Dialogue 
NDSS Newsletter 
NDSS Radio Show 
Anime Club 
Sneaker and Business Management
Job Readiness Group - Resume/Job Applications
Feel the Music
Cornell - Healthy Cooking and Wellness Workshops 
(Open to students and families) 
Programs are curated to meet the needs and interests of the students, and are available at different times throughout the school week.