Parent Information

Welcome to the Parent Association!


As parents of NDSS students we know that remaining connected and involved in your student's education becomes more challenging. As an association, we understand each student and family is different and transitions from middle school to high school to college are not always the same.

The NDSS PA works to build a strong partnership between families and the school. With our school’s resources, we strive to keep you informed so you can provide the support needed to help your student, and yourselves, to succeed and grow.

We know there is a need for parents to be involved in their student’s education while giving them enough space to mature as an adult. This is an exciting time for our parents at NDSS as we are ready and willing to be a great resource to assist you and your students in your endeavors.

Research has shown that parental involvement in schools has a significant positive impact on student achievement & attainment. Attend our monthly meetings, lend your ideas and suggestions for discussion, and/or be helping hands during events. Join our efforts to be the bridge between school and home that keeps our students and you, involved and engaged.


Barbie, President

President: Barbie Melendez

Barbie Melendez is a Bronx native of Puerto Rican heritage. She has one child, daughter Jilanda Pedraza, who has attended NDSS since September 2019. This is her first year at NDSS after previously attending two high schools and being at risk of dropping out. Barbie decided to become more involved in her child’s education and play an important role in the PA in order to guide her daughter and other students who have had past difficulties attending school, to remain engaged in their education so they can graduate high school.

“Being a parent means evolving and growing along with our children, through their happy days and challenging days.”


Rita O’Bryant

Co-President: Rita O’Bryant

Rita O’Bryant, now a Bronx resident, was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Her son Langston has attended NDSS’s middle school since last year, and her daughter Latavia started at NDSS’s high school this past September. Preferred to be called “Ms. Rita,” she is a firm believer that a good and strong education can come from public schools, not just private or charter schools; it takes work which she and all NDSS stakeholders are capable of.

“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou


Linda Pacheco

Secretary: Linda Pacheco

Linda Pacheco is a native of Puerto Rico who resides in the Bronx with her son Isaiah Pacheco. Isaiah has attended NDSS for the past six and a half years and is on track to graduate in 2020! Linda decided to join the PA to become more involved in her son’s school. Her motive is to help create a welcoming environment for parents and their students.

“Our children’s education today, is our nation’s future tomorrow.”


Stephanie Pryor

Treasurer: Stephanie Pryor

Stephanie Pryor is a Bronx resident, born in Nashville, Tennessee. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Tennessee State University. She has two daughters with one, Jessica Hampton, being a current senior at NDSS who has attended since 2016. A certified women’s empowerment self-defense instructor, she is the President of the Women’s Empowerment Self Defense Academy a.k.a. (WESDA) located in the Bronx. She also holds the rank of a brown belt in her martial arts school, Fuji Dojo. Stephanie has decided to take a more active role in the NDSS PA this year as the need for parent involvement is great.

“Our children are our future but they must also be shown the way.”